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FBT* for the night (* Funny Bee Thought)

I don’t sleep much, but I sleep fast !


Miracle lotion for late night

With ginkgo & vegetal omega 3

Late Night ? Fatigue ? Stress ? Jet lag ? Try the ultimate night-time skin remedy!

This super-fresh anti-fatigue face & eyes serum regenerates the skin overnight, prevents signs of fatigue and dramatically improves puffy eyes or dark circles, for a smoother, more radiant complexion in the morning, even with just a few hours of sleep.


Our magic balm!

With honey & jojoba

A wonderful texture and a 2-in-1 skincare – cleansing balm and also replumping mask – that leaves your skin perfectly clean, fresh and incredibly soft.

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FBT* for facial cleansing (* Funny Bee Thought)

Turn a chore into something enjoyable, that’s magic !

flacon swinging morning

FBT* for the morning (* Funny Bee Thought)

Greet every morning like a new pleasure. It’s a fresh new day and it is yours. Be happy and keep going!


Brightening micro-peel

with active extracts of larch

A smooth floral foam which cleanses and micro-exfoliates dead cells gently without grains or friction for a smoother and brighter skin. To start everyday fresh as a daisy with a healthy glow!


Regenerative anti-ageing day cream

with 3 nectars of flower and fruits

The anti-ageing « crème de la crème ». An innovative all-in-one day cream, which hydrates and replumps the skin, smooths lines/wrinkles, boosts the regeneration process and brightens complexion for a smooth, plump and radiant skin. Smile, you’re ready to go!

flacon smile and play

FBT* for the day (* Funny Bee Thought)

When you smile at life, it smiles right back at you, and nothing is more youthful than a smile. So… smile & play !

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FBT* for the day (* Funny Bee Thought)

I’ve decided to be irresistible, because it’s good for my health!


The 1st French organic BB Cream

with beauty enhancer plant sugars

An all-in-one organic BB Cream that combines high technology hydration Hydraconcept* with natural pigments which cover skin imperfections and give a radiant glow to all skin types.

HONEY MAGIC (Replumping oil for face and eye-contour)

The magic care for very dry skins

Honey, jojoba, perilla and wheat germ oils

A super regenerative organic cocktail based on honey, jojoba, perilla and wheat germ oils instantly restores skin elasticity and flexibility.

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The FBT* for dry skins (* Funny Bee Thought) :

Everybody needs softness.

happy scrub pot ouvert

The FBT* before shower (* Funny Bee Thought)

Want a new beginning? Start with a happy scrub!


Welcome to the kingdom of smooth skin!

Propolis & organic sesame oil

A luxurious oil-based body scrub that leaves the skin soft and moisturized with a delicate scent of orange blossom.


100% natural lip balm with pollen and beeswax

A specific care that nourrishes, moisturizes and repairs your lips.

A precious concentrate of protective pollen and beewax combined with organic vegetal oils : apricot stone, sesame, sweet almond oils  and shea butter.

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FBT* for the day (* Funny Bee Thought)

Kiss whoever you want

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