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4 tips to combine your Funny Bee skincare

and maximise their beauty effect

swinging morning et smile and play

Combine the gentle exfoliating properties of Swinging Morning to eliminate the excess dead skin cells that cause a dull skin and the embellishing properties of the vegetal sugars and magic pigments of our Pretty BB Cream to illuminate your complexion. Voilà! Fresh and radiant, that’s what you are!

Combine the super recovery power of our Miracle Lotion for Late Night before going to bed to the super fresh effect of our Swinging micropeel in the morning to increase blood flow to the cells and restore your skin’s vitality. Benefits : no puffy and tired eyes and a rosy and clean complexion.

swinging morning et crazy me
swinging morning et pretty bb cream

Combine the anti-ageing properties of our Day cream with the anti-fatigue properties of our Night serum and have a double supply – day and night – of super regenerative hyaluronic acid included in both formulas to boost your skin energy and have a repulping effect.


Boost your cell regeneration process

Smile & Play + Crazy Me

Besides fresher, brighter looking skin, exfoliation allows better penetration of active ingredients in skin care products. Use the exfoliating properties of our Swinging Morning Foam, to enhance the nourrishing and anti-ageing power ingredients of our Regenerative Smile&Play Cream for a smooth and ferm skin.

smile and play et crazy me

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