Funny Bee Team

Bees are sociable,

and so are we!

Bees are sociable beings. So are we. We grow stronger when we go together. And here we are, two hard-working French bees thriving on productive and fun team-work who, one day, set on their own fun and productive path to create natural organic skincare products.

Valérie Peri

valerieI hold a Phd in Pharmacy, and worked for 10 years in the beauty industry within a leading nutrition laboratory. This is when and where I became aware that natural ingredients were far better than chemicals in formulating beauty supplements, as regards both effectiveness and health repercussion.
Designing and manufacturing effective and pleasant organic cosmetics is a real challenge. When you decide to rid your products of all chemical ingredients such as preservatives, texture agents and synthetic fragrances, you need to identify, source out and test, natural and organic ingredients which will allow your end-products to remain fresh and effective day after day. That is the very reason why I set up Alma Organics Laboratory: to provide Funny Bee with a truly independent and creative Research Centre and develop effective proprietary green formulas.

Distinguishing features:

I love vegetables of all kinds –I know I am lucky! Unfortunately, I also love sweets – Nobody’s perfect! I admit I am stubborn and I hate being told “That’s the way it is” when I enjoy thinking “there might be another way”. Last but not least, I strongly believe that you can be all the more productive when you have fun at what you are doing.

To contact me:

Françoise Riera-Dabo

francoiseI am a brand Consultant. As such, I know that through our consumption choices, we try and act on our environment. I also believe very much in the Gandhi’s words of wisdom: “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”
Therefore, my enthusiastic and long-lasting commitment and contribution to developing our natural organic Funny Bee cosmetic products. It’s efficient, it’s fun and it’s meaningful, all at the same time. What else?

Distinguishing features:

Stubborn – Me too! I love Penne Pasta (carbohydrates are healthy, and so delicious with Parmesan cheese…). I ride my bike at all time – except when it’s pouring, I practise Bikhram Yoga on a regular basis, and I play squash –for a pleasant change! Last but not least, on special occasions and if asked nicely, I can sing the entire “Maya the Bee” theme song.


We want it all! With Funny Bee cosmetics, not only you take care of your health and respect the environment. But you also enjoy effective, smooth, pleasant and nicely scented skincare cosmetics.


No trade-off indeed. Get into your bathroom, and be happy to use our skincare products on a daily basis. You can be sure you have effective natural ingredients, soft textures, fresh scents, colorful packs, all conveying the fun, optimistic and happy mindset it took for us to make you look and feel beautiful day after day.


Let’s admit it: most people were quite puzzled upon hearing the name we came up with, “Funny Bee”.

Feedback was not all encouraging at first:


– It’s a rather unusual name for skin care products and cosmetics, isn’t it? … Maybe you should add honey to all of your products.

– Funny what ? Hmm Oh yes, “bee” like “a bee” in English. Right… But…Why an English name for a French cosmetics brand? If you say it quickly, it sounds more Japanese or Chinese…

– Right, a bee can be a symbol for hard work and global environmental and health responsibility etc….Why Funny though? … And this idea of yours to go and collect pollen and nectars to make skincare and beauty products out of it, that’s a bit far-reaching, isn’t it?”

But guess what ???

Well, we did stick to our “funny” name despite all these valid points and objections. Having a far-fetched funny name might actually be an advantage – Raise you hand if you have some electronic equipment bearing a “fruity” name… But more importantly, it conveys what is essential about us and what we are:

abeilles et spirale rose

serious yet joyful, organic yet fun,

French yet open to the world.

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