FunnyBee means organic, naturally!

Sing along Aretha Franklin’s “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”… and you’ll have what we believe should be modern cosmetics’ motto. Certified organic products are completely healthy and natural, they respect your skin and the environment.

Respect for your skin,

Skin is a living organ. When you apply care products fraught with synthetic chemicals, your skin absorbs them, which can be irritating or worse, toxic, even more so since you take care of your skin on a daily basis. We choose to work exclusively with skin-friendly natural active ingredients to nourish, protect and embellish your skin.

Respect for the environment,

It is a high priority. Indeed, in view of current developments and for the sake of future generations, it is time to be truly green by working towards environmental responsibility and gear our production methods and our consumption towards this very aim.

Therefore our Funny Bee products

are designed and manufactured as follows:

98% of our ingredients and of natural origin

because nothing is better than nature!

the remaining 2% are conservatives screened and labeled “clean”

under the Cosmebio charter

more than 77% of our ingredients are produced by Organic Farming.

chez Funny Bee, tous les ingrédients qui peuvent l’être sont bio, sans nous limiter au taux de 10 % requis pour obtenir le label Cosmebio

all of our products are

formulated, and “made in France”,

under the responsibility and supervision of Alma Organics Laboratory.


don’t include

mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, or synthetic colours.


100% recyclable containers and packaging


natural fragrance only

none of our products are tested on animals


All ingredients and manufacturing processes have been controlled and certified under Cosmebio** rules and regulations. Controled production procedure – particulars certified by Bureau Veritas Certification* / Qualité France – 92046 Paris La Défense*, in accordance with the system of reference I-305 organic cosmetic products and ecological cosmetic products

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