7 secrets of our formulas

01 Formulation patents

We use innovative patented ingredients from clean biotechnologies such as extract from date pits in Smile&Play which improves skin density and firmness and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles far better than DHEAs, extract of larch in Swinging Morning which exfoliates skin better and less aggressively than commonly used AHAs, or the Hydraconcept patented technology in our BB Cream

02Deluxe active ingredients

We never hesitate to enrich our care products deluxe active ingredients when we deem it is worth it for the formula’s overall effectiveness. All our creams are thus enriched with hyaluronic acid which gives them additional anti-ageing properties.

3Clinical studies and tests

We rely on clinical studies and tests to identify and pick our active ingredients. And if these studies recommend a dosage of 2 % to secure a demonstrated effect, then we put in at least 2% and not 0.0002%!

04Formulas highly concentrated in natural active ingredients

All of care products include a very high concentration (+85%) of ingredients that are either natural or of natural origin: plant extracts, herbs, floral waters, fruit juices, organic vegetable oils… all providing real added value for the skin.

05Highly sophisticated and sensorial formulas

Our formulas are as sophisticated and sensorial, if not more, as those of other care products that are way more expensive. It does mean that we sometimes need to use a long list of ingredients (take a look at the “Formulation” and you’ll get it!) to achieve great results: there is no limit to our passion! And all our treatments are scented with natural fragrances specifically designed for Funny Bee by perfumers in Grasse, in the South of France

06Flower-water enriched formulas

Instead of filtered water generally used in skincare products, which brings absolutely no benefit to your skin, we prefer to include flower waters such as witch hazel, chamomile, lemon balm… carefully selected and apportioned to enhance our products’ action on your skin.

07No hidden chemicals

Our treatments contain no parabens, no silicones, no PEG, no phenoxyethanol, no glycols, no EDTA, no hydrocarbon derivatives, no dyes nor synthetic fragrances… You get the idea: no hazardous ingredient ever comes in through our door! All our treatments are dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

Tested under dermatological control
Suitable for all skin types

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