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100% Biological combos

We combined our best products to make anti-aging, anti-fatigue, rise and shine combos. Like so, they are even more effective.

swinging morning et smile and play

Skin respectful natural cares

FunnyBee, 100% French biological cosmetics

Patented agents based on clean biotechnology

Sophisticated formulas with a high concentration of active ingredients

No essential oils added to suit sensitive skins

Airless bottles to ensure ultimate freshness of care

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Our story

We strongly believe that the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better is to propose effective and joyful products. Therefore we created our Funny Bee natural organics skincare products, which allow you to take care of yourself while making you feel good about it. Better for your skin and better for your soul: an overall up-lifting experience because happy girls are the prettiest girls !

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